Sorry I'm not much of a singer. It was all put together in a recording studio, hence a few overdubs on my voice. Think the drums are a little loud and would like to bring out the guitar more, maybe have the drums fade out a little quicker at the end. The full version has a few more guitar instrumentals but this is a 'radio version' so it is a little shorter.
Gonna be totally honest here, i dont like your vocal tone. HOWEVER, this song is GREAT! If the right singer sang this i could see it being a hit. The lyrics are pretty damn good, and the music is sweet. and it's not that your singing is bad, it's good, im just not a fan of how your voice sounds. Could definitely be a personal taste thing.
Overall super good song though!
Yeah I'm not a great singer, I originally wrote it with a softer female voice in mind but, I guess I have to work with what my vocal cords give me. I have just started learning to sing so hopefully I will get better at controlling my voice as this is fairly rough. As for your feedback on the song, thank you very much for your encouragement