Hi guys, don't get to post much in these parts nowadays, life has kept me super busy, between 2 super busy bands, work, everything, but, i did get a chance to film a quick jam video showing my playing and improv skills as of yesterday! haha I would LOVE some feedback, and critique. I've been playing for a pretty long time, and honestly feel like ive hit a plateau the last few years. I still improve, but not as much as Id like. Any suggestions would be great! Also, any general comments on my jamming would be sweet as well! Also be prepared for many a guitar face! haha

as always, ill very gladly c4c.

Jake Popowski
I can't say much in terms of advice as you seem to be well beyond my skill level. But I love the tone of thew guitar, and the harmonic tapping is great, really works well with the other melodies. The melodies themselves are varied and interesting, you could make a song out of any five second snippet of this. You're playing ability is very impressive and shows years of hard work and experience.

Wish I could give more specific feedback but it is far beyond what I can do haha. Definitely the kind of thing I would have playing in the background regularly.
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Thanks for the review,dude!

Nice improvising,you remind me a bit of Zack Wylde,especially with the wild bends and vibrato. The tapping parts were really cool. How long have you been playing?

Thanks a lot man! I kinda thought i played with a bit of a zakk vibe after i listened back as well. haha He's definitely an influence, not as much so as people like lynch, friedman, vai, dime and trower, but definitely up there. Ive covered a good number of his songs in bands before.
And Ive been playing for a good 14 years, but seriously id say around 7 or 8. I started getting pretty serious about it around 14/15, im 21 almost 22 now. Ive put TONS and TONS of hours in practice wise though, especially in my teen years. Dont have as much time to literally practice as i used to, but playing live makes up for a lot of the missed practice time. I gig anywhere from 4 to 10 shows a month on average.
Hey man! Great solo! You're shredding it a lot more tasteful than ol Zakk Wylde does nowadays (and that's sayin' something comin from me, look at my username :P) Perhaps you could work a bit more on the slow parts? It seems like you got the fast parts nailed down, but I still feel you could make the slow parts a bit more interesting. 0:59-1:06 for example could be improved upon. Otherwise, killer playing. Btw: is the video shot in 60 fps or something? It seems kinda weird in a way :P

Would really appreciate it if you could crit mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1697999
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Didn't really know what to expect when clicking this, but holly shit that was tight x)
Great job man! I remember watching a Dokken cover of yours years ago, and your playing and tone have come a long way since then. I love the harmonic tapping and the wide vibrato. I like how you mixed shreddy bits with slower melodic runs. Well done!
Thanks for checking my track man.

Nice playing there, you certainly know your way around the fretboard. Very soulful playing I can tell you're passionate about your music. Some very cool moments in this jam, my favourites were at 2:01 with the tapped harmonics and 2:56 with the tapping part. You're a natural at improvising, keep doing your thing. (Can't believe you done this in one take, I'd be hitting all sorts of wrong notes)