So a buddy of mine is looking for an Ibanez RG. Probably looking for a used (less expensive and more options). He plays more classic rock (RUSH, Beatles, Led Zep, etc) but also some newer rock (borderline metal) so I told him HSS or HSH would be the best route. From personal experience I told him to avoid Gio and get a "true blood" Ibanez. The real hard part is fixed bridge. No trems of any kind. So anybody got any ideas on particular models that fit this description? I browsed the Ibanez Wiki but the search and sort functions really suck.
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Try posting this in the electric guitar forum your apt to get some responses there!

You have a good start with providing genre and that he does not want a tremolo and don't mind buying used but it will be helpful if you also provide:

His budget

Location helps us to know what your options will be

What gear will your friend be playing through

Repost in the electric guitar forum and provide some more info and you'll get more results
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If you have the budget to avoid the gio's you probably should.
True blood Ibanez is harder to say. Ibanez has been pushing their iron label and premium lines a bunch and a lot of their cooler new stuff is in those lines.

but budget will help make that decision.
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the rg1451 was an HSH hardtail from a few years back (i saw it in the 2010 catalogue, I had to remind myself of the model name but it may have existed even a year or two after that) that's a Japanese-made prestige, if the budget will stretch to that. EDIT: I haven't tried that specific model, just to clarify.
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Oops. Read the title as Guitar, gear and accessories. Will do. And thanks for pointing out I forgot to discuss location. That is indeed the majority of the problem right now.