So tomorrow is my birthday and i'm thinking of buying Irig UA for recording stuff in to my phone and I don't have much budget so here's the question. Somehow can I do a cover with my Irig UA recording sound of the guitar then I will film myself playing then sync the video with the sound is there any possible way can I do that?
I have an iRig myself, they are pretty good sound quality and if I were you (I don't know many other ways to do this, this is my best guess), I would record into GarageBand or whatever software u r using and then go into iMovie and drag it in, it will be in the audio files section.from there, u can play that sound from ur computer into headphones and film urself "playing" along with it. Then u can take that video and put it into iMovie while keeping the voiceover in iMovie. Then these should be synced at the same tempo and should theoretically look and sound good. Once again, I'm not an expert on recording this is just the way I would do it, there could be a much easier way, but this is just my opinion.