Basically I'm looking for patch cables that I can make myself. I'm sick of working with whatever cables I have lying around or that Guitar Center might have when one breaks on the road. Also I should redoo all my cables anyway, maybe once every 10 shows Ill have a pedalboard problem, which with the frequency that I play is just shy of once a week.

So far Gear Supply Co seems the most attractive to me http://gearsupply.co/shop/product/130315295

I don't know about the mumbo jumbo but they have inputs that swivel, which is amazing to me. It's a little pricy at 10 cables for $100 but i might do it anyway. Worst case is ill buy the 5 set and send them an artist inquiry for more discounts.

OTHER problem, I leave April 15th to fly to california because I'm performing at the Music Expo. This pedal board problem can most certainly not happen. So the sooner the better. Thanks for your help guys.

Edit- I also know lava cables get good reviews here. They are slightly cheaper as well. All opinions appreciated. I'd like to spend as little as possible, but I understand the price point of what I'm getting. I'd pay $100 if I had to, but less is obviously ideal.
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I buy from www.redco.com you can buy Mogami or Canare cable in bulk and nice neutrik ends. They will also custom make them for you if you want to go that route
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Besttronics cable and Switchcraft jacks is what I use. You can get stuff that will out spec moogami and canare for really cheap.
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