I'm at generation axe about to meet all those guys. What would you ask if you got to meet them? This thread is going to expire in about ten minutes.
What is the one piece of advice each of you would give a guitar player looking to get better? Not like a generic "What would you tell beginners" thing, but if an intermediate guitarist, someone who knows their way around the instrument, but isn't a virtuoso on it, asked you for advice, what would you say is the biggest thing you would recommend them to take the next step forward from "kind of good but nothing special" to actually being really proficient with the instrument?

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(Don't even ask what it means)


I am shit at guitar, what are the best shortcuts to being good without practicing for 16 hours a day?
Ask if they can offer you the contact details of the producers who made them rich.
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dafuq, i kno jokes dont wwork when u hav to explain them but now im confused. was the mention of a "bugera" amp a euphemism for anal sex ?
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How do they feel about baby Joel and which Sam shoop is their favorite.

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Do they know where Kensai is?
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If you didn't ask Malmsteen what his favorite donut was, you're kind of a loser TS.

How did Zakk get on this bill?

Never mind I'll ask myself on April 26th when I see Gen Axe hear in Indianapolis!
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