Hey guys...5 years n this is my first ever post here... I'm looking to get myself a new V (preferable Rhoads V) with passive pickups. I'v gone through the Jackson catalog but the options available don't match what I'm looking fr (except the entry level JS series)...
.24 frets
.Passive pickups

Can someone pls suggest a decent if not great V fr a mid budget ? All brands r welcome... Thanks!!
Wrong forum.

A lot of Jacksons' Rhoads guitars are 22 frets because that's originally what Roads V's came with when they were first designed. I don't see a guitar as not having 24 frets as a big deal, so honestly Jackson's Pro Series are a great option for you.

What is your budget? What counts as being 'mid-priced'?
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Get a Jackson RR24. I think that might be the only Rhoads V with 24 frets. Although I think it comes with an EMG 81 (but that's something you can change, the 24 frets is not)

You can also try the Alexi Laiho signature guitar.That one has at least a passive EMG.
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If your dead set on the RR then that's the one you should look at getting. My Dean Tyrant MA Sig is pretty Badazz for a V, has passives in it tuned to C standard and a set of 12s for strings but, that for my down tuned stuff.
Making a thread is the right section would help.

You know, along with your budget, location, if you will buy used, your current gear, genres you play and if you're playing out or just at home.

Don't buy a new non USA Dean either.
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