As you know i posted a thread asking how can i do guitar cover with a Irig UA because i use andriod device. But unfortunatly a local store is sold out and now im left with Irig 2 that i can use with andriod device then i ask the seller can i export a audio file that i record with irig to my computer or not they said yes but i gotta buy an app but i dont want that so they told me I can use Irig HD-A and Irig mic studio. The seller told me Irig HDA are bad for its price so they try to sell me the irig mic studio but i dont have enough money to buy it
Here is prices for everything (imported stuff are very expensive in my country)
(Every prices are changed up to full price fro example 279.89$ im gonna change it to 280 or 279.99)
Every single item are on sale btw
-Irig2 50.99 $
-Irig HD-A 121.99 $
-Irig mic studio 207 $
So basicly main reasons i want to buy this stuff is to do some cover video and start a youtube channel about guitars or something like that
To serve my purpose i only got 2 chioces left which are Irig HDA or Irig mic studio now im thinking if i buy the mic studio i got to record from my amp which is super crappy and there is no purpose of buying it
Now for the real question should i just buy the Irig mic studio or setup gear on my own (mic, mixer and all of that stuff which i know nothing about) if setting up my own gear are more expensive should i buy the Irig HDA ? But agian if i set up my own gear but my amp is crappy i still gonna get a shitty sound right?
Thank you for all answer
And thank you for reading all of this