Sorry if this question has been asked many times but I didn't see the specific answer I was looking for so here goes:

I am fairly new to guitar pedals and their power supplies. I recently bought an EHX Soul Food and Big Muff Pi reissue. I foolishly plugged the Soul Food into my regular 9V daisy chain and it fried immediately. I assume that was because the Soul Food needs 9V positive and not the usual negative. Big mistake. I never even got to use it.

I want to avoid damaging the Muff. I have a Visual Sound 3.5 Mil converter for the 1/8 plug but it still requires center positive instead of negative so I'm worried about trying it with my regular power supply.

I've got the power supply for the Soul food but the voltage is slightly different (the Soul Food is 9.6V) so I'm not confident about trying that either.

What is the safest way to power the muff without eating up batteries or using the supply specifically made for it? (I live in a place where getting new stuff can be very expensive)

Thanks in advance for the help
I realize that I need to wait to be able to post this in a more appropriate place but if anyone does have any help, it would be greatly appreciated.