I am thinking about buying a Vox VT40X-

I used to run my AD30VT and VT100 with a cab- I drilled and installed a cab out into the 30 watt, and It worked fine- it was rated at 8 ohms, perfect for my 8 ohm cab.

SO, the VT40X speaker is rated at '5' ohms... Haven't ever seen that before...

Would it be possible to wire four 8 ohm, 60 watt speakers in a way that wouldn't damage the amp? Should I go for 4 or 8 ohms? Something different?
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I really recommend not doing that. You might not kill it but you might be disappointed with the result. If you have the cash for more speakers why not just buy more amp instead?
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I've already got the cab- I like having a combo that can be easily taken places, with the ability to get a fuller sound at home- It worked fine with the 30 watt combo I had- Just wondering if higher or lower ohms would be erring on the 'safe' side-
Given that the VT40X is a solid state amp it probably doesn't care too much about impedance as long as it's not below ~4 ohms. Wire the speakers in series-parallel to get 8 ohms and rock on!. (Each set in series, then the sets together in parallel.)
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Thanks man. Didn't know the specific way that ohm ratings interacted with each other. I'll give it a shot.