So I currently have a Schecter C-1 Special that I love the feel of far more than the sound. So I'd like to replace the pickups. Currently it has:

Neck: HB-101N
Bridge: HB-102B

The main thing is I feel it's just a bit too muddy. I also would like something a little less heavy, I don't really want to play much metal, I know that's what a Schecter is for, but I loved the feel of the guitar so I wanted it despite the genre it's generally used for. Does anyone have some suggestions?
wood is wood; i stopped caring about brands and just kept playing years ago. Had this bio armor Ibanez and a guy played funk music on it who bought it. Yet the thing seemed more fitting for progressive rock or something along those lines.

the HB-101N and HB-102B are affordable versions of the seymour duncan JB and 59. Yep that number, 59 , everyone is right it's based off of a 1959 gibson PAF everyone drools over thinking that is end game for perfect tone

the JB has a lot of treble which explains the muddiness, i'd say use the tone knob to filter out some of the highs and see if rolling it down towards 0% (fully treble cut) if there is anything useful in between. If so there's an easy solution if you can solder.

tip #2 when it comes to high output pickups
lower the pickup height , as in the two screws on the sides
be careful and make sure you dont get the pickups to go under the mounting ring or the pickup will fall into the guitar and you'll have to take the strings off and all that which is never fun.

if you want to stay with seymour duncan oriented pickups as duncan designs are offshore ones to keep cost down I'd suggest the seymour duncan jazz , full shred (neck) , sentient (neck) or something around that area.

for the ultimate bridge pickup show us a few of your favorite songs and we'll see if we can help determine and see although honestly at the end of the day its your guitar and the amp , amp settings, strings , picks and how you play the guitar that make or break it. For now though avoid signature series pickups. If I gave any guitar god who was getting signature pickups made two guitars you'll get two results.

pure maple - stainless steel strings
pure rosewood - d'addario chrome strings
you're gonna get two different needs or answers from whoever plays them
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