Hi all.

Are there any alternatives to having the trinity of amplifier, cable and electric guitar?

For example, does anyone make a wireless bluetooth/USB adapter to plug straight into computer/laptop and have a software modelling amp. Then have that play out of the computer speakers?

This would be great for people looking for portability, not having to buy an amp etc.

Plenty of companies make wired 1/4" to USB adapters. They're not always high quality, but they can be really cheap.

Bluetooth isn't a great technology for playing a musical instrument. There will be a perceptible delay between hitting a note and hearing it through speakers, and even some low-latency codecs will still 'feel' off while playing.
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Thanks bud. Could anyone suggest any setups (make and model as well as software amplifier) if I wanted to eliminate the normal amplifier and go direct to USB.
Line 6 makes several products that would do that. The UX1, UX2, and HD500 series are some examples. Plenty of others out there too, those are just the ones I have direct experience with.

You can also get a 1/4" to USB adapter as mentioned earlier and get a software only program like IK Multimedia's AmpliTube software. But probably the cost would be about the same as getting a UX1 or the like.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the Line 6 stuff (and probably anything similar) are treated as USB soundcards, so you'd have to run the headphone output to speakers or use headphones to hear the results.
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If you are seeking to do without a physical amp, take a look at AmpliTube 4 for your computer.

If you are trying to have your guitar operate wirelessly (i.e. eliminate the instrument cable from your guitar, regardless if to an amp or to your computer's DAW), you'll need a wireless rig make the connection. These are not USB systems. Instead, they are operate in the UHF, VHF, or 2.4 GHz bands. Line 6 has the compact G10 due out very soon, and many units already available.
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Is this what you are looking for?

Fender ios Strat

Godin Progression Boutique USB

Apparently they plug right into computer or in the case of the Fender, an iOS device (ipad, iphone etc...), and it is supposed to be recognized by the software. The fender comes with both a mini usb cable and a lightning cable for ipods/ipads/iphones.
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