Looking to build a Les Paul type guitar (with Seymour pickups!). Was certain I was going to do a black/gold/cream one, then made the mistake of continuing to look, and now, totally loving that Pelham Blue/Cream/Nickel.

Researching, I guess newer paints/clearcoats don't age like the old stuff. Nitrocellulose I think is what they use to use and now can't get, though saw that a place called Guitar ReRanch may have it? But, I'm in Canada and I don't think they ship here. I don't think StewMac will either (explosive chemicals in pressurized cans and all).

Is there a 'trick' to achieve a slightly aged look? Like, a few drops of amber in the clearcoat? But not overly aged, I have seen their "aged Pelham" and it's a bit too green for me.

My plan is to get an autoshop to mix up the Pelham Blue (Dupont 4038L) and clear coat the guitar when done, basically treat the guitar like a car, paint wise. Though part of me wants to get a pearl equivalent vs metallic.

Just curious if anyone had any tricks.