Hey there folks,
It's my first post here, so I think that saying hi is a good idea. My name is Chris, I'm 19 and I live in Poland. Been playing the guitar since I was 12. Feels good to finally be the part of the community.

I'm looking for a new rig to jam with. I really like Laiho's signature guitars, but since I cannot afford a 4000$ ESP, had to look for some LTDs, and the Alexi 600 serie seems about right. I saw that there's a couple of models to choose from, but the only diffrence seems to be the painting. I really like the black one with yellow stripes on it, -> http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/121629748507-0-1/s-l1000.jpg

Is there any other diffrence between this and other Alexi 600s? For example the Greeny? Or the Scythe?

Thanks in advance.
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What exactly is your budget?

Is there a decent used market for guitar near you?

Are you willing to buy used? You can get a higher quality instrument used for the price of a cheaper new one, although the Alexi 600s are really nice!

What amp are you playing through?

What types of music do you play? I am assuming given your choice you play metal.

The Alexi 600 is a one trick pony are you willing to paint yourself into a corner?

Don't get me wrong a have a vintage Kramer with one pickup and I love it but I have 14 guitars if this is going to be your main axe you may want to think about getting something a bit more versitile with two pickups.

If not then the Alexi 600 is definately a nice guitar, I nearly bought one from my old bandmate but opted to purchase his Ibanez Xiphos XPT700 instead.
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Hey there, and thanks for feedback!

Quote by Evilnine
What exactly is your budget?

Not much, actually, around 660$.

The thing is, that the Scythe's (http://guitarcenter.pl/catalog/gitara/gitary/gitary-elektryczne/esp-ltd-alexi-600-scythe) price in Poland is 1300$, equals to 4799 polish zloty. I didn't really like it's paint design, so I searched for an used Black/yellow thing. and voila, I actually found one. The orginal EMG HZ was replaced with the Seymour Duncan Blackout active pickup. As for the two-humbucker guitar, I actually own an Epiphone Sg custom Ex with EMG 81/85 set and a Gibson Les Paul Studio. I saw a bunch of high quality photos, and the guitar is in a perfect shape and condition. I was looking for a war axe with Floyd Rose, and it seemed like I actually found one. What do you think?
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