Surprise,surprise,it's aaron with another track. Dude,how do you manage to stay so productive?

I must confess,that I'm not very fond of your vocal style,but that's okay. The intro and the outro had some really cool things going on and whole song is quite pleasant to my ears. Mixwise,I have nothing to say,really. Everything sounds balanced. My only complaint is the guitar,it feels a bit muffled and buried by the rest of the instruments.

Here's my latest effort:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1700054
Your production always Impresses me. This track is one of my faves ive heard from you. I personally thought the vocal style was quite fitting for such a psychedelic sounding track. The synth horn melodies in the first minute I felt really added to this too. All around great job!
The beginning of "You Can Help Me" made me think of the show "How It's Made" for some reason. They always seem to have cool, quirky music playing in the background when they introduce a new item and show its manufacturing process. The vocals sound very disorienting. While the lyrics are brief and somewhat amusing (and the overall feel of the track is upbeat), there seems to be a potential for a dark spin here. Overall, a very interesting listen.

Thanks for sharing your work with me!
Hey man. Thanks for the crit. You do churn the songs out! I like the intro. Very 80s- not really to my tastes but well executed and sounds cool. The vocals were cool. They were a bit overly processed but that's personal taste. I really liked the guitar part towards the end. The song could do with another verse but overall I thought it was a good track and a nice change to the usual material on here!
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I put a new song in my music website called "You Can Help Me". Please tell me how you like it and how it can be improved. If you review my music, I promise to return the favor! The song is at the top of this link:


I like the groove, cool fun track. As I hear it through my set up, I would roll some highs off the vocals. Sounds cool though!
Hey sorry for late c4c, yh sounds good man, reminds me of the 80's :P ID just say keep on doing what you're doing.
very cool man, I like the synths over all sound. The mix is good to my ears. the whole song gives me a very strange vibe in a good way. Good job!
Thanks for listening to my song!

You Can Help Me sounds retro and kind of funky, definitely nails the upbeat namesake! Pretty cool genre. I think like said above, adding another verse to lengthen the track would be an improvement.
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Pretty creative style! Good job with the synths and the guitar part in the end, the vocals I feel like they stand out too much sometimes.

But I think the instrumental is cool, it has that old school feeling as always.

Good job!

Here, check out my new track:

You can help me sounded pretty good, I like the synth sound. The guitar that comes in at the end caught me off guard, glad to hear a guitar solo in electronic music. Sounds pretty good to my ears.

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Hi, I listened for a few songs and I have to be honest and say that I don't like that kind of music so my opinion is irrelevant, but if you incorporate some little more organic guitar sound into the whole thing as an opposite to electronic stuff it would be more pleasant to my ears.
Cool synth tracks and I really liked the noisy guitar solo! Once again, a song that bears the truly unique aardvark trademark! Keep 'em coming!
Thanks for the review man!

The part up till the 1 minute mark is a nice intro, but it sounds a bit to sterile and "midi" if you get what I mean?

The vocals have a good melody and you sound a bit like that dude from Franz Ferdinand with the way you sing! Now you should work a bit on your phrasing and relaxing your throat when you sing as it sounds a bit insecure and forced to my ears at the moment. Vocal lessons will only make you better as you don't sound tone-deaf to me . Try and make the multilayered vocals more consistent in the timing as well and your track will sound much more fluid.

The guitar solo is cool and it has that really chaotic feel! I would make the tone a bit thicker though as it sounds a bit thin and "waspy" at the moment.

I don't mean to put you down but I think if you tried these suggestions it would make your music sound more like a finished song instead of a demo.

What synths are you using btw?

Keep up the good work man! you're far more productive than I am I want everything to be PERFECT when I release it, but that never ends well haha!
Cool song, man. The only thing I would change is to put a little less effects on the vocals, but that's just personal preference. The synths sound really cool and the song is mixed well. Good job, overall!
Hey Aaron, good to see you're still making music.

This track has a different kind of atmosphere to your other songs but not in a bad way. The tremolo chords in the background add a lot for me, makes it sound really full and gives it a cool feel. (not sure if it's a guitar or a synth) the industrial beat makes everything sound pretty catchy. I like all the sound fx style synths playing as well. The vocals sound great as always, it's through the vocals that I can recognize it's your music. As a whole the track is mixed very well, to a high quality. Can't think of anything I would change about this track, it's sounds cool - Keep up the good work.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1700493
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! The tremolo effect instrument is a guitar played through a RogerLinnDesign AdrenaLinn 2 (beat sync tremolo and delay effect, and amp model). Here is what I used for synths in this particular song: Tone 2 ElectraX, Arturia ARP2600V, and u-he Zebra. I have, in the past, wondered if any vocal training would do me any good (sounds expensive, though I hear people talk about videos for vocals on youtube; haven't explored that much yet). The only way I know how to get any grit in my vocals is to tense up much of my body. My normal talking/singing voice has no grit to it at all.