A cool little tune,loved the parts with the choirs and the strings! I took a listen at some other tracks in your Soundcloud as well,you seem to be really diverse with your compositions. May I ask what you're using for choirs and orchestra?

If you're interested,here's my second "epic" orchestral composition:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1700054
I've spent all day every day for the past week playing nothing but DOOM so that I can make a retrospective of the entire series before the new one comes out. Doom's music is burned in my brain right now.

And yea, your song is fitting. Now you just need to convert it to MIDI so that it has the same production value ripe for mowing down demons. Oh and a lead melody would really tie it all together imo.
If there is a God, it's me.
Nice sludgy guitar tones. I really liked the tempo change and the orchestral parts. Definitely a solid basis for a song and would like to hear it stretched out. A few lead parts would also help to tie it all together. There was a hint of lead playing towards the beginning and it sounded good so more of that!

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