hi everyone,

could anyone suggest a good practice amp that will sound nice even at low volumes?

i actually already had placed an order on the Marshall JTM1 but found out that nobody has them left in stock anymore... also been strongly considering the mesa boogie mark v 25.

anyhow, i mostly play punk (dookie, OFF/Black Flag, D.O.A, Descendents, beastie boys, minor threat, rise against etc)

Budget? - $2,600

Genres? - punk, hardcore punk

New or Used? - new

Home or Gig? - home only

Closest City? - buying online

Current Gear? -

jcm800 2203
6505+ head
marshall jcm900 4x12 cab

gibson sg standard
esp ltd ec-1000

(i moved out of my parents house and theres no space in my apartment for my amps at the moment)

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I mean, you could buy an Axe Fx for that and be in really good shape for anything. But your budget is so gnarly you probably don't need much to be honest.
That Mesa would work great. Maybe like the Marshall Mini Jubilee or something too? That can punk its ass off.
i didnt say my entire budget must be used so...
and believe me, i've tried using my current amps but that is not a possibility right now =[
Most of those bands do the "Marshall" type tone. Perhaps a DSL15? Granted, it's no JCM 800 2203. You could also check into the 6505 mini head, if you don't mind having a "mini-me" of your 6505+ floating around.
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I play similar types of music. Just bought a Mark V 35 for bedroom playing but somethings also versatile play out. Great amp!
Roadking .... it's a big heavy head , but if it's in your bed room you won't be moving much , in your budget and does everything well .... V35 a good choice too
Here's my apartment setup. I moved into one a few months ago so my peavey is collecting dust.

Line 6 Pod HD Pro X - Preamp sims and effects only - 699$ New
Two Notes Torpedo Cab - Cab/Mic and Power amp sims - 550$ New
Krk Rokit 5s - Monitors - 300$ New pair (I think)
Dell Laptop for recording

So, with the rest of the money you can invest in headphones and a better computer. Quiet recording along with quiet jamming. Sounds ass loads better than my Peavey Triple X turned as low volume.

If you gig and your hand has a PA I think you can run your set up through there, not sure though
I'm thinking Epi Valve Jr here.
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Bedroom? I would consider a Mesa Express 25 instead of a Mark, use the extra money for other stuff. You did say bedroom.
i use a marshall sl-5 right now in a thinned wall condo. works great at low volumes. just another option for you. good luck.
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If you can afford it buy a Mesa. They sound great at low volumes too. I can get my Roadster down to TV volumes especially with a MXR 10-band in the loop with the volume slider down.

But really you can do great with amp sims on the computer (check out ReValver) and an interface, or a POD HD500x, or a Laney IronHeart Studio with a 112 cab would work well.
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yeah the irt studio is a good nod as well.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
thanks for the replies everyone!

few questions:

is the mark v 35 differ much from the 25w tone wise? or is it just a headroom kinda difference?
and is it playable in low volumes?

about the silver jubilee suggestion, they actually sound pretty good from the videos i saw...
however seems like nobody is stocking them yet :[

oh and how can you play through an amp sim like the line6 helix / axe fx without headphones?
they dont have a power amp so i guess they cant power a cab?
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