Hey everyone

As mentioned in the title I am looking for a way to control my guitar amp and effect pedal parameters (on/off, volume, channels ect) using midi or something like that. Ideally I would like to control these things from a computer (not foot switching), is there potentially a program I could use, and If so what else (hardware, software) do I need to achieve what I am wanting to do.

I currently use guitar rig 5 but only for finding sounds to use on real Amps with my pedal collection, I can't use foot switching things such as the liquid foot midi because I am restricted to a wheelchair, but if there is software that doe's the same thing then that would be great
Here are a few options. These are the actual switchers for pedals (and amp). What you can change on your amp depends on how MIDI integrated the amp is, and most pedals that don't have built-in MIDI control can only be switched on and off.


You'll still need a controller. This can be a computer with a MIDI interface, or it can actually be a guitar with MIDI control capabilities (http://www.kieselguitars.com/customshop/midi_synth_guitars for an example).
I discovered the Liquid Foot+ mini pedal controller, and I think it is going to be perfect for my uses, thankyou for your help