Songwriting Game album 12 is here in the pit and I am sure you were all excited and looking forward to songwriting game compilation album number twelve featuring songs made by ugers in a week blah blah blah and concept week was you only get 1 take to record thing and cover week was 90s songs and it was all great and stuff and it still is i mean


Bonus tracks, from 90s Cover Week and Free Week:

Here's a little preview of each song if you can't be bothered to listen to the whole thing or if you want to pick out just a few songs to listen to:

For those of you who haven't heard of the Songwriting Game:
We have a week to write a song and post it in our group page; we then leave it to The Pit to decide which song was the best of the week.

The focus of the game is on the composition/songwriting, rather than the quality of the performance or the recording, which is why some of the recordings might sound a bit rough.

Each week's winners and runners-up get to appear on a compilation album.
About cover week, free week and concept week:
The songs for cover week are covers instead, as you may have guessed from the name. The twist is that they should be in a completely different style from the original. The cover week theme on this album cycle was 90s songs.

On free week you can submit songs that have been in the making for a longer period of time. It's an incentive to finish old ideas and/or an opportunity to show the Pit some songs that weren't originally intended for the Songwriting Game.

Concept week is a normal week where we choose a theme beforehand. For this album's concept week, the songs had to be recorded in one take and the first recorded take would be the definitive version of the song.

Here's our group page, if you want more info or if you want to join.

Songs on the album by: Trifonas, Papersparrow, FoOltz, mind_meld, SirZep, whywefight, K'Nuckles, ultimate-slash, deadsmileyface, chev311e, andresm01, DisarmGoliath

Other participants in weeks 67 to 72, cover week 9 or free week 9: nico_9550, sciencebase, ehbacon, BjarnedeGraaf, Minicaxotinho, wardyh, TheMattGusta, xTURTLENECKx, seventh_angel

1. Your Pillow Is My World (Trifonas)
2. Desert Sea (mind_meld, SirZep)
3. roach (whywefight)
4. Purple Elephant (FoOltz)
5. I Don't Blame You (Papersparrow)
6. Can You Make Me Feel Surprised? (Trifonas)
7. Lies We Believe (Truths We Are To Afraid To Speak) (Papersparrow)
8. Reasons (SirZep)
9. the buzzing, (deadsmileyface)
10. Disassociation (chev311e)
11. Reverie (FoOltz)
12. Puncture (mind_meld, SirZep)
13. Mothers of Mercy (andresm01)
14. Phantom (FoOltz)
15. Pulse (mind_meld)

Bonus tracks:
1. Brave [Katatonia cover] (K'Nuckles)
2. Always [Erasure cover] (ultimate-slash)
3. Inferior One (SirZep)
4. Descent to Madness (DisarmGoliath)

Songwriting game founder/group admin/weekly thread maker: Minicaxotinho
Cover week idea: chev311e
Free week idea: Joshua1207
Concept week idea: SirZep
Compilation album idea: Joshua1207 and a bunch of other people who built on the idea but who knows exactly who they all are by now
Compilation album management: sickman411

Album cover: K’Nuckles
Preview samples: Trifonas, sickman411, Minicaxotinho, ultimate-slash and nico_9550

Check out the previous albums here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
You can also find them in our Bandcamp and Youtube pages.
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Posting just because it keeps saying there's a new post by sam b in the Pit's main page and there isn't.
Also I should take care of album 13.
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Ok, album 13 tracklist:

1. Fuck You Foltz (Here's Your Fucking Sad Songs) (whywefight)
2. Towards Zero (mind_meld)
3. In Water (SirZep)
4. Piece by Piece (chev311e)
5. Black Smoke Rising (mind_meld, SirZep)
6. Lory (Trifonas)
7. But Oh This Love (ultimate-slash)
8. Crew (TheMattGusta)
9. Heart of Heaven (Papersparrow)
10. Horizon (FoOltz)
11. Come Again? (nico_9550)
12. Not to Act (Trifonas)
13. No One Else (nico_9550)
14. Breathing Gasoline (whywefight)
15. You're Absolute (TheMattGusta)
16. Static (Trifonas)

Bonus tracks:
1. Care 77 bpm [Trifonas cover] (ultimate-slash)
2. Pink Elephant [FoOltz cover] (Trifonas)
3. Case [chev311e cover] (FoOltz)
4. Pulse [mind_meld cover] (SirZep)
5. Your Pillow Is My World (Part One) (Trifonas)
6. Terrible Fate (FoOltz)
7. They Said (ultimate-slash)

Two options here: merge #wwfsadsongsalsofukufoltz into one track or distribute #wwfsadsongsalsofukufoltz through the album, like one in the beginning, one in the middle and one in the end

Actually the songs are gone

(In case they show up again I say we distribute them, although I have no preference and it would also be ok to have them all together.)
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