Track title: Horizon
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/resila-horizon

Hey guys,

I just recorded a new track for my project Resila. I've been reading some REAPER tutorials lately and started playing with effect automation. I tried to keep it somewhat subtle. I only tried automation of panning and volume so far. I think it's a really neat device for changing the dynamics of a track. I kind of wish I knew how to do this earlier :P.

Anyway, this is an instrumental track. I did have lyrics and vocals recorded for this, but I was thoroughly unhappy with the way the finished product sounded. I felt the track sounded less stuffy without the vocals and decided to keep it instrumental.

Please let me know what you guys think. All feedback is highly appreciated

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Hey! I checked out your stuff at Soundcloud, but I don't listen to that kind of music so my opinion is not really relevant, sorry. That's why I couldn't valuate my own playing and was asking for a feedback. Anyway, if I were you I would try to incorporate some different ideas to make things more interesting and unpredictable.
The intro is reminiscent of the Silent Hill soundtrack, which is a good thing imo. I like the lead tone. The solos were musical and articulate. The overdub at approx 2:00 was unexpected and a nice touch. Definitely got the atmospheric Black Metal vibe going on and it's done well. Good job.
Love that lead playing! nice thick melodic tone! The part after that initial solo tidbit could become a great verse if you add a nice vocal for it (as you said you were not satisfied with the one you had).
I like the solo part at the end but try and get it to sit more in the mix as it felt like it was played on top of the actual track in some places. The drumming could be a bit more varied to add depth to the track but it fits the overall theme I think. Put some more work into it and I think you'll have a great track in your hands man!

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This was a pretty cool track. Great mix of smooth, soulful leads with full-on rhythm sections. I especially liked the lead sections, they were very melodic but the rhythm sections with the drums are killer too. It's well mixed too, the drums are nice and pronounced and the guitar is not to loud but still defined (although it was good to hear that the lead guitar was a bit louder than the rhythm). Tis a cool lead guitar tone, very smooth and the fade out echoe'y effect at the end was nice as well.

Nice work man. Play on.

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