Hello all at Ultimate-Guitar.com!

I'm new in here! My name is Chris and I play in a band called Haakbus. Been lurking for like forever on the tab section, but I recently decided to join the forum to talk about guitars and solid state amplifiers ; ). I have several guitars but I usually play my Kramer 650G that I'm in love with. I used to play a Yamaha RA-100 organ amp, until the rotary speakers broke down. Which was also one of the reasons to join the forum, because I want to turn it into a head amp / power amp, because I just love the smooth vintage solid state sound and I hope that there's some people on this forum that might be kind enough to help me on that. (So expect a thread on that soon!) I usually play very minimal effects, I use a Big Muff boosted by a Soul Food (I want to replace the Big Muff for an Algal Bloom hopefully soon), used to play a lot more effects, but recently I try to get most out of the guitar with just the fuzz. I think my favourite bands at the moment are Shellac, the Melvins, Om, the Coathangers, Chrome, Godflesh, Karp, Big Business and Boss Hog and Jon Spencer in general. I also love acoustic blues. I hope we can have a great time here and see you on the forums.