Anyone use/try these out? Look cool...get decent reviews. Just wondering how they are. Thanks!
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I haven't tried their pedals, but I own the GEC9 loop switcher. Its been on my board about 3 years now with no real issues.

At one point, one of the small buttons for selecting loop 5 I believe stopped working. I took it all apart, cleaned it with contact cleaner, and now she's as good as new. I blame that one on myself, as I never really cleaned it off, and beat it around a lot with it being very, very dusty where I live. That was about 2 years in, and after I cleaned it, I put a piece of clear tap covering the small buttons so I can still push them, but no more dust or dirt can work its way in there. Looked to be a pretty good build quality for a chinese product. I've recommended it to friends.
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