I am returning to guitar after multiple decades away from the instrument. While I am returning to a too long neglected Gibson ES-175D archtop guitar, when I last played it was on a classical guitar. So I don't even have any 30 year old experience with amps/etc.

Right now I am simply struggling to regain something resembling the (low level of) skill that I had in the early 80's where I had a moderate repertoire of fingerstyle pop/blues stuff with a bit of a jazz flavor (again - not a high skill level). And these pieces were arranged to be played purely solo (no accompaniment). My near term goals are simply to regain and grow that skill on my ES-175D and an amplifier (don't have one right now - and if you were to hear me play now you would think that to be a good idea ).

But the truth is that in the long term I have no idea where I might want to go here. The range of affordable options available electronically (at reasonable cost) are staggering. I have decided to start out with some kind of moderate cost amp simulator like the Boss GT-001 just to keep my options open regarding amplification. So the question of a speaker(s) pops up. And note that I will be strictly playing for myself in my combo office/spare bedroom/music studio (12 ft x 12 ft). Not exactly your pristine studio environment.

So my thinking is to (for now) get a single active monitor speaker such as the Yamaha HS7 (kind of represents the top end of what I would be willing to spend, unless there is some overwhelming reason). I don't exactly have room for two speakers and for the foreseeable future do not see myself going beyond recording a backing track for accompaniment purposes. If you are using an amp simulator that already simulates various amp/cabinet combos, something that is FRFR would seem appropriate. And if I ever got serious about recording I would only be 'one monitor down' from what I would need. Tthe speaker's most natural place to live would be on the floor about 8 feet behind where I would be sitting.

I'd be interested in comments on the use of monitor speakers as a "amp cabinet replacement" and anything else regarding what I am considering.


Monitor speaker is fine. I'd actually suggest getting a pair as you want to use the multifx unit in stereo for some cool effects that it can do, delay and reverb are much more natural for this unit in stereo, and you can setup two amps - one for each channel which will give you some interesting sounds.

Look for $200-$250 monitor pairs and start from there.

If you don't plan on taking it on the road, the GT-001 is fine but you might be able to start cheaper with a DAW combo, like this maybe (or many similar ones):


The Studio One software has amp emulation built in and you can just play through the PC if you want to. You could also try out bunch of other free amp simulators or paid options. From what you mention in terms of style, the Amplitube Fender package might be great for you.

If you want to go just with monitors I'd pick up a pair of Eris, JBL or M-Audio monitors under $300, you don't need much bass for that.
The BX5 will be probably what I'd recommend first.


BTW - keep in mind that the GT-001 won't serve you well if you decide to do gigs, I think you'd have to buy a midi controller to switch sounds with it and it is a tabletop unit, so dropping it becomes a hazard when playing live.
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Just going "straight to a DAW" is an interesting thought. And keep in mind that I know virtually nothing about digital recording.

But I was always concerned about losing 'real time' response when my signal path was dominated by "the application space of my laptop". I have a decent laptop (i7 processor, 8M Ram) with a 17 inch monitor (Dell XPS model), but I have a habit of leaving a whole bunch of crap open on the desktop, so what happens when/if I run into swapping. Or my auto-backup program does a whatever, somebody sends me a 10M file, etc.

But still this is something to look into. Thanks.

Hi, I have used this type of setup in an apartment and it worked well. I had my guitar directly plugged into a small mixer (allows for some tone adjustments) then looped through a multi effects pedal, back through the mixer, then out to a powered monitor. I think your plan will work well. You can also run a line out of the mixer to your computer for recording.
I used to use a Line 6 UX1 and never ran into any issues playing straight through my PC. I ran the amp sim alongside my DAW and some demanding games and there was no hit at all. With an i7, you have nothing to worry about. I upgraded to an HD500x for some physical controls for parameters and better processing in the end though.
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