Poll: Do you have a guitar-related disability?
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View poll results: Do you have a guitar-related disability?
Yes, hearing.
1 10%
Yes, vision.
0 0%
Yes, other.
1 10%
4 40%
Arguable/I don't know.
4 40%
Voters: 10.
Do you have hearing damage or something else that gets in the way of your guitar playing ability? Post below and discuss.

I'll start: My hearing is moderately damaged by extensive unprotected exposure to gunshots, including an accidental discharge inside a vehicle with the windows up. It doesn't get in the way for the most part, but I do think I have a hard time hearing some notes without the amp and/or headphones being turned up beyond what I (as a non-doctor) think I should need.
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My hearing is probably messed up from sleeping with earphones on. I don't do it often though, and it doesn't affect my guitar playing at all.
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My ears are too valuable to listen to music loud, and thankfully despite living in a country town with many shooters for friends, I haven't been around enough gunshots to make any major ear damage.

Never working with another really loud drummer though

Also my left hand little finger is slightly crooked so I can't play with it well
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Surprises me that a lot of rock stars aren't dead after years of playing in a band and hearing all those loud noises while rehearsing. recently heard about that AC/DC guy..
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Yeah... I always sort of wondered about that. Haven't noticed any wearing ear protection, though I can't say none do.

have you noticed how hearing loss is one disability that people get pissed at you for having?

yeah my ears have given me problems since I was a kid.
I don't do much to help it by wearing earbuds 9 hours a day plus being around power tools.

it's funny you bring this up cause I've been noticing that my rig setup can sound different day to day without adjusting anything.
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