I always love to find new relatively unknown bands before everyone else does and sure others do too.

Post opinions suggestions and feedback!

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My Chemical Romance are gonna be huge in a few years. Mark my words.
so everyone just post their own music cause pretty much none of us are signed?
we all think we're good lol

inb4 shameless band posting

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^ I've just realised if you say Simple Plan's 2011 effort "Get Your Heart On!" really fast in a Southern American accent, it sounds gross. . .like sexual gross!

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I'm looking for professional bongo-ists and triangle-ists to make a Progressive Technical Brutal Death Metal band
(will be called AxOxJxLxAxIxVxXxUxWxZxQxUxRxWxGxJxSxAxLxKxMxNxHxUxGxAxAxWxVxCxBxZxVx)
(Don't even ask what it means)


Listen to Living Syndication. They're relatively unknown and only have one album called Aneurythm on Youtube. The singer sounds a bit like Maynard James Keenan but the rest of the band is pretty damn decent.
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