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Ibanez M80M
1 17%
Ibanez RG2228
4 67%
Another Guitar (please tell me which one)
1 17%
Voters: 6.
Hi guys,

i want to buy an 8 string guitar and i have some trouble deciding which one to get. I am pretty sure it's going to be an Ibanez and i am currently trying to choose between the M80M and the RG2228. I want to play Meshuggah right now but i also want a well rounded instrument that's comfortable to play for many others genres of music.
With the M80M i am concerned that there will be some quality issues that force me to bring it to the the local luthier. I've heard that many people have had issues with the nut, fretwork or the bridge. Also, what kind of clean sounds can you get out of it? It looks a little bit like a one-trick pony. The RG2228 is made in Japan and i am quite sure it'll be very good quality wise. I will be tuning all the strings down half a step for meshuggah, and maybe drop the 8th string down to a low E to play some tosin abasi stuff. My fear with the RG2228 is that it'll sound muddy when you tune it down and i am concerned that the shorter scale on the RG2228 (27" compared to the M80M's 29.4") will cause the low strings to sound muddy and undefined when playing chords.
I didn't vote in the poll, because I haven't actually played either, but...

I have an RG8, and the 27" is fine, doesn't sound muddy. The RG2228 and M80m have the same bridge, just so you know. I've heard that the M80m does cleans rather well if you roll the tone knob off a bit. If possible, go try both the models out and see what you prefer. If you can't, do some research on it. You might find some good information about it on Sevenstring.org. Don't discount the 2228 on it's scale though, because mine doesn't sound muddy, and neither does Tosin's. Best of luck, and of course, post up an NGD when you decide!

EDIT: Also, if you aren't glued to Ibby, take a look into Schecter. All their 8 string models (except the Omen 8) are 28" and have both a bridge and neck pickup. If you feel like the 27" will be muddy, but you want both pups, than go to Schecter if you can gel with their necks.

Also, if you are in the United States, look into Agile guitars at Rondomusic.com. They have 28" and even some 30" 8 string models, with many more options than Schecter or Ibanez.
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