Hey, this is one of my first covers in a while, please tell me what you think, where I can improve and if you want I'll critique any of your tracks just leave the link in the comments,
Hey thanks for your comment!
I love porcupine tree and I think you've done a great job!
Solid playing and mix. Cheers
I too haven't heard the original, but from what I hear I'm really enjoying the progressive vibe of the song. Your playing and execution is pretty good man, some parts could be a little bit tighter but now I'm just nit picking! it was mixed very well too, props dude!
Hey man,

Thanks for checking out my Merle Haggard tribute! First off, I cant say I'm to familiar with this tune. I really like what you've done here though. Your video is well put together and the audio quality for the track is also pretty damn good. You've got a nice mix with all the different instruments your playing. The bass could have maybe used a bit of a volume boost, but that's about the only issue I can find with the mix. I can't really critique your playing much because as far as I can tell you've done a fantastic job playing everything. I'm with devilzdj4 on this one. Some parts could have maybe been a bit tighter, but it really is nit picking at that point. All I can say here is keep up the good work dude! You've definitely got skills!
Porcupine Tree are amazing. Firstly I was impressed by the good recording quality! Nice sound with the acoustic. I do think, however, that your timing in the intro could be a little better with the Piano and Guitar, it seems just a little off at moments. I think the balance of levels is quite good as well. Especially the distorted guitar, it compliments very nicely without getting in the way.

Overall it's not a bad cover, nice sounds but I would work on the timing. Keep it up!

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