Hi there,
lately I've been looking for a new amp head. After a week or so of research I've settled on Jet Set Amps, which seem to be a reasonable price and quality combination for tube amps. The dilemma that I'm having is whether I need a 50 watt head or is 20 enough for me? I do quite some gigging, mostly small to medium sized venues (50-300 people, it varies) and sometimes happen to play in open air stages (small to mid-sized local festivals). I need the amp to deliver some high gain action as I play low tuned metal (sludge, black, doom, combination of those). I would most likely play it through a 4x12 or 2x12 cabs. I read that the 20w is able to cope with loud drummers but the 50w has more headroom and delivers a "fuller" low-end sound?
Thanks in advance
The difference between heads is about 3db (not much) so speaker choice will be far more important for headroom and low-end than amp choice. I am assuming your outdoor shows will always be mic'd (they should) and your dynamic headroom will be limited only by the 50,000w PA so pick the one you like. Both heads will get it done.

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