So I have a peavey6505+ combo and am struggling on my next step. I'm still a metal head, but have evolved to softer stuff like matchbox 20 and cash stuff. I've that about replacing my peavey for a line 6 hd500 as these days what I play changes so much, and I hate fighting my 6505 for other tones as it is primarily only for heavies. Is there a way to get to easily soften the peavey, should I buy a hd500, or is there a better universal rock metal setup I should look into? Thanks!
12au7 in v1. It will give you cleaner cleans and more usable range on the gain knob.

A simple, cheap fix that may get you where you need to be. It works for me.

If you really want to roll it back, put one in v2 as well. I've not needed to, but there's no reason not to.
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Try a 5751 tube in V1 and the phase inverter position (V5). That'll cut some gain and give you a lot better clarity (you can still get more gain than you'd ever need though -- it just occurs later in the dial).

The rhythm channel w/ crunch will be your go-to channel. The lead channel really cannot be tamed without getting ridiculous with tubes and mods. Leave it be and use the green channel.

An Eq in the loop can work wonders. Also, I find that for classic and hard rock, the rhythm channel w/ crunch and gain set at about 4-5 with a boost pedal up front really does an amazing job. Past 6 or so on the gain though and it will be back in metal territory. But with the 5751s I mentioned you can use the full range of gain on that channel and you'll never get "too much." Not so with the lead channel. Anything over 5 is too much, unless you're using low-output pickups.
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I think the 5150 III had some really good metal tones while having more versatility then the 6505+
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
+1 on the 5153. snag the 50w and be done with it. plenty of great clean to medium gain tones can be had out of them.
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Lower gain tubes in V1 and V2 should help.

Your situation is why I bought the Mesa Roadster - awesome versatility and they all sound great.
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