Hey! I'm currently looking to buy a new guitar, but I'm not sure witch.
I own a J D brothers les Paul witch I Currently only play Metallica songs and avenged sevefold songs as it is very easy to switch tuning from standard to drop d.

So now after a while I would like to buy a new guitar and tune a bit lower like drop c,b.
The 2 guitars I found most interesting is
Jackson JS32 King V BK (Looks awesome)
Ibanez GRG170DX-BK

So witch of those 2, or any other guitar for around the same price 300-400 whould you recommend me to buy.

Some more info
Amp Line 6 30 v
Metal zone m2 pedal

Currently only play in my garage.
Hey! I don't know much about Jackson guitars but i have an Ibanez and I love it! I would just make sure you try the guitars out in a store before you buy them, because at the end of the day your judgement will decide on your guitar.


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