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I gave up on the overdrives on the GT-100 and just run a Timmy in the GT-100's loop. I get most of my distortion from a good tube amp though and only occasionally use the Timmy. I don't use the loop on my amp for effects, I run a 31 band equaliser in the amp's loop sometimes is all. I don't use mod or time based effects enough to bother with the amp's loop. I use delay occasionally for string scrapes and for that the delay in front of my amp suffices.
Really, the GT-100 is my MIdI controller to switch my amp and not much else.
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Quote by eragon1452
Lol I was set on Boss, but this is changing my mind!
So Zoom is better with OD and dist too?(compared to me-50)

When used as a standalone unit with the built in amp sims (eg headphone practice or direct to powered speaker), yes definitely the Zoom is better.

When comparing the two used in front of an amp, neither are as good as standalone pedals but the Boss may win out so long as you only ever wanted a single drive effect. As soon as you want to switch between an OD and a Distortion the Zoom wins.
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I disagree with that in that the overdrives and distortions in the Zoom are pretty useless, its certainly not a strong point either way. Imo of course. The Zoom does sound great through headphones. I'd say its as simple as deciding between good live tone through an amp vs features. If TS is somewhat new, I'd say go with the G3 because the practice features on it make up for any other shortcomings. The looper, drum beats, ability to use amp models for headphones practice are all extremely helpful tools for making a newer guitarist better, faster.
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I have a g3x zoom multi effects going through a Marshall DSL40C and i play in a band and the other guitarist seems to get a much better tone using stomp boxes and a worse amp. Is this due to the multi effects pedal?? thanks
"Is this due to the multi effects pedal?? thanks"

Could be that you just don't know how to tweak it to get the best tones.
Quote by GaryBillington
The ME-50 is great for modulations & delays, but when I had one I wasn't a fan of it's OD & distortion effects. That's subjective though, you may like them - and used in front of an amp it's drives probably work better than the Zoom.

The biggest problem with the ME-50 is if you use it's patch function. There's a very noticeable pause when switching from one patch to another, which makes it fairly useless in that mode. It's great when used for individual effects, although it has the disadvantage that you can't easily switch from chorus to phase, or from one OD to another etc. The Zoom performs very well for all those situations.

You also have to consider that the ME-50 doesn't have amp sims which the Zoom has, so isn't very good for headphone practice. You'll also be missing out on the Zoom's looper which is a great practice tool.

The ME-50 is a good pedal and well worth considering, but taking everything into consideration I personally would still recommend the Zoom before it.

So how about ME-80 VS G3X?
Quote by jeeper31
So how about ME-80 VS G3X?

I've never used the ME-80, so this is based on reputation alone....

I believe the ME-80 is built to fit a lower budget than the ME-50. Yes, it has some extra features, but it's slightly lower quality.

For everything else, I believe it works in a similar fashion to the ME-50 and is of similar quality sound wise, so I'd guess most of the rest of the response would be the same.
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