I'm still considered a beginner. I play a song or two, but mostly riffs right now. I don't know chord names.. sorry. I just do tab.

I've got some guests coming over next month. I play a little Immigrant Song, and Whole Lotta Love, but I'd like to get the beginning riff to Kashmir as well.


Anyway, I think you get the idea. Is it just practicing stretching my fingers to get one finger on the second and one on the fifth? When I put a finger on the 5th, that D string in the middle never plays.. my finger on the fifth always seems to be touching that string below it no matter what I do.. so it makes no sound.

Any tips would be great.
Pointer on the the G string, pinky on the A. Make sure you are using your fingertips, not the sides of the finger. Try rotating your elbow away from your body until you can get a clear intonation.
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