Hey guys,

I'm planning on buying a fender standard stratocaster with a HH pickup configuration. Now the first thing that pops into my head is changing the pickups. This ofcourse leads to the question to what pickups...

I really like heavy blues and metal, but I also want that single coil strat clean sound, the jimmi hendrix sound. Those are pretty much my requirements.

Please help me out!

Well, if you want metal and Jimi in one axe, the best recipe you're going to find is going to be a HSS, P90/SS or HB/P90 guitar. Depending on your flavor of metal, a bridge HB or P90 will be good for a lot of stuff. Meanwhile, the singlecoils or properly dialed in P90s get you your other tones.

MiniHBs can also do twang, but most don't do metal as well as HBs or P90s...and they're a funny size.

IMHO, you can get decent singlecoil sounds out of split HBs, but it requires very good HBs as the tonal base, and you might want some kind of switch to add some out of phase tones.
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Why not see what the pickups do on your rig before you decide to change them sight unheard? I'm not telling you not to do it, but get the guitar home and play it first. That's all.
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Buy the HSS Strat instead. It covers more of the ground you want with no PU swap needed.
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^ yeah that's what i was thinking. if you know you want strat tones as well you normally want HSS or HSH.
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