This ad is not intented for people who don't like to read or have short attention spans.

What I look for in potential band mates is passion, ability, and confidence. Without all three it is impossible to ever go anywhere. If any of those are lacking in the individual it is impossible to have a well established band that can play tight together, and impossible to have a band that can create original music which people find interesting.

Now that thats out of the way. It doesn't matter to me what city you live in or how old you are. People who have the three things I look for don't have time to worry about that stuff and they already have a strong directional path of where they are heading. If you don't see it, you don't see it, and I can't force you.

Sorry to sound like a motivational speech. If I sound pessimistic in this ad it is based off of my past experiences with lazy projects and setting myself up for failure. Let's really put a ******* dent in this music industry. When they say rock is dead, all I see is opportunity. When they say underground is the only way, I see lots of money that isn't being made. Theres an open slot available for the next group of guys to come along and start the next chapter. You don't have to listen to the ******* record executives who are going to tell you to combine elements of pop into rock music because record executives don't know what is good. Musicians know what is good.

Im not going to say what I play, where I live, or how old I am because im tired of doing that. Im more interested in you because I can not do this by myself. This is a shot in the dark from the flakes I have come across on websites like kijiji craigslist bandmix. Im trying something different here. I talked enough about what I want out of a band and choosing music as the only option for a career. If you guys want to join me, feel free to talk about what you do and what you want. Thats it. Cheers.