I'm considering doing some RGT exams. I never previously bothered as I thought grades were a waste of time, however I am now considering doing music at University and a Grade alongside the extra UCAS points would be beneficial (I hope).

Has anyone done the exams? I am looking at doing grade 8 (I have been playing for years and know all my modes, scales, arpeggios and CAGED and Chord construction etc.)

I am just slightly concerned that I might be asked about knowledge from previous books that I have not prepared myself for, as I am planning at just jumping in at the deep end and going for grade 8.

On a side note, am I better with RGT or ABRSM? Which would be looked at as being the more beneficial qualification. (I've never really liked learning the Rockschool pre written music.)

How long did it take you guys to get grade 8 nailed down?.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated, Cheers Guys !