I'm looking to buy any of the following DiMarzio OEM humbucker pickups:


Most of these were made for Fender's Korean-made special edition guitars between 2003 and 2007. A couple were made for Chinese and Korean Ibanez guitars. They are cheaper variations of the PAF, PAF Pro and Breed pickup models.

They're easy to tell apart from the regular DiMarzio pickups, as they all have the DiMarzio logo on the bridge-facing coil, and they all have screw + slug pole pieces. (The normal DiMarzio Breed and PAF Pro pickups use hex pole pieces.) Attached and linked below is an image of what all of these pickups look like.
They should have a sticker on the base which tells you exactly which model you have, but some are missing that. That's okay; we can still identify the pickup if you can get a DC reading from both coils, or if you know which guitar it was taken from.

Pickups need to be 'double cream' bobbins, and should have at least 6 inches of lead wire in good condition. The face (top) of the pickup should also be in good condition; the DiMarzio logo needs to be clearly visible and not scratched/rubbed off.

Black, zebra, metal-covered, modified, or noticeably worn/damaged pickups are unwanted. They have to be double cream and they have to be in decent, usable condition.

Other models of DiMarzio pickup are not wanted. We can all buy those easily enough! I'm only looking for the cheaper OEM pickups for the Korean/Chinese guitars.

Each model is worth a slightly different amount, and condition matters, so I can't specify an exact price, but basically I'll match whatever they would sell for on eBay or Reverb; because you won't have to pay eBay or Reverb fees, you'll get more money selling to me than there. Of course I will also pay for postage to the United Kingdom, from anywhere in the world. (However, for people outside the EU, I request that you provide some form of proof of postage before I send payment, e.g. parcel tracking number.) I pay via PayPal for all posted pickups, or I can pay in cash to anybody who is local and able to meet (Wiltshire/Somerset area of England). I have a faultless track record and reputation on here, as you can see if you check the good trader lists or my profile. (Admittedly I've not been posting much in the last few years!) You can contact me in this thread, in a private message here on U-G, on Twitter (see profile), or via e-mail (see profile). If e-mailing, please include 'DiMarzio' in the subject line so the message is not sent to spam.

Attached and linked is an image of what these pickups all look like for easy identification.

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I don't have any but it's a pretty off-the-wall request. Dare I ask why?

Also, haven't seen you in a while.
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Two reasons:

1) I recently acquired a couple of these Korean Fenders, and the previous owner got rid of the stock cream pickups in favour of generic Wilkinson black ones. Seems he just didn't like cream; the pickups he's put in are terrible, and he's buggered up the rest of the electronics where he just cut the old pickups out instead of desoldering. On top of that I just bought a third one, which also had its pickups changed for some SDs. I want to restore them all to their original state, so I may as well do my best to find more of the original pickups, or the next-closest thing. So I need a minimum of six double cream DiMarzio OEM pickups to complete these guitars.

2) I'm using it as an excuse to fill out my knowledge of DiMarzio pickups. I've now owned guitars with every EMG electric guitar pickup currently made, every Gibson humbucker and P90 currently made, and I've done almost the same with Seymour Duncan pickups. Seems I may as well try to complete the DiMarzio set, too. Pickúps, Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Plus, by doing both tasks at once and sticking to double cream ones, I can test all the pickups then freely cherry pick the pickups I like most to put in the Fenders.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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