Hello there,
I have just realised that if you play your guitar opposite a wall (about a ft away or less), it sounds amazing. The sound is much fuller and the bass strings sound richer. It makes sense that this should happen because the sound waves get reflected off the wall and to your ears before they dissipate. I have a pretty low end fender acoustic with some semi-decent strings, and it sounds great. it works better if you tilt the sound hole up slightly/have an angled wall. This isn't a common topic so...

Has anyone tried this? If not, try it. even if I'm wrong you will only have wasted a very small amount of time.

Let me know if you agree/think I'm an idiot for posting this.
An even better way is to face into a bare corner. One music store I used to frequent had one corner reserved for this purpose.

However, when choosing a guitar based on tone, you still have to decide whether your first priority is what you hear, or what the audience hears. The two can be very different, especially in, say, resos that have strong forward projection.
Works for singing as well. Actually a very old technique; way back when I started playing about 40 years ago, one of my semi-professional freinds used to practice "in a corner" all the time.