Hello all. So im in the process of getting a custom guitar from a local luthier and he was suggesting of getting a 26.22" scale for C# standard tuning in order to get more clarity and definition out of big chords, speed runs, etc? is this a good idea? Should a standard 25.5" scale be opted for instead? Here are the rest of the specs:

- carved heel bolt on
- Ebony board
- Hipshot Bridge
- Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickup
- stainless steel frets
- swamp ash top, mahogany bottom body
- hard rock maple neck
- hipshot locking tuners

I would be playing many forms of metal with this guitar but specifically death metal (Gorguts, Opeth, etc.) stuff that requires a lot of details and where definition is important.
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That's ideal, of course, since it's 666mm, perfect for death metal!!

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That's ideal, of course, since it's 666mm, perfect for death metal!!

Looks like you found the pattern!
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Dunno, you're only talking 0.7" more than a standard scale, which in terms of pitch at a given tension is less than 1/4 tone, or a small fraction of the pitch difference you are looking for compared to E standard. I wouldn't have thought it would make much difference.

Agreed. I think it's cute about the 666mm, but usually the first increment after 25.5" is 27", then 28.65", then 30" (all of which are available via non-custom guitars from builders like Agile). You're not really doing much that's significant with the scale.

Otherwise, that looks like a pretty standard configuration; what's "custom" about it?
Standard increments are standard for a reason. but 666mm is cute i guess.
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Jackson offers a bunch of guitars with 26.5" scale now, so no need to jump straight to 27"
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