Hey everyone

I'm thinking of buying a Liquid Foot+ mini but first I have a few questions about the functionally of it. My first question is can a midi foot controller control physical Pedals, and If so how do I get it to do that, I currently have 9 Pedals and I want to know how to control them with my Liquid Foot. My second question is do the Pedals have to be midi Pedals for it to work.
the pedals have to have a midi hookup for it to control the various parameters of a pedal. thye don't change the settings on regular fx pedals. all a midi will do with those is bring them in and out of the signal line. this does save you from having to do a tap dance on multiple pedals when needed.
So what do I hook the Pedals up to so that I can control them with the liquid foot mini. Is there something that the Pedals and liquid foot can link to so that they can communicate with each other, allowing me to control the Pedals
You will need a midi switcher, where you hook your pedals to, and the midi foot controller can select different combos of pedals. You will have to dive a bit into MIDI (it isn't hard) to know what kinds of messages the loop switcher needs to see, and if your controller can send those messages.
Those things are damn expensive for the amount of Pedals I have, Ill have to save, but that sounds great
This is why the multi-fx was invented. It does all that internally *and* you get to have significant changes on each pedal if you need them.
Not sure if this is what you're looking for but check the Gigrig V2
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Yeah, it is very expensive for all that stuff, but I'd just go with a good multi fx. If you had a ton of vintage pedals that did very specific things that you couldn't replicate any other way, I might consider a midi switching system, but I'd much rather carry around a single multi fx than all that stuff.