me and my band want to cover Fun with Acid by Fang
i just need the guitar tab and we could handle the rest from there. i can't tell the notes by ear so i need help if anyone knows. please and thank you. it would make my day if someone knew the tab or even just the chords.
Hello, I tried this for you.

I actually saw your first post in the New Members thread and gave the song a try but I couldn't get it to sound right so I left it for maybe somebody else to do. Since you asked again I took another look at it and what I came up with is basically power chords with a flat five rather than regular power chords for much of the song. That's what sounded the best to me and you can see if you like it that way or with just regular power chords.

Unfortunately I didn't know there were different versions so I made my tab from this version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E55G-4V8a-M

And then just right now I found out that the Landshark / Where The Wild Things Are Version is not the exact same. It sounds similar so this tab might be close enough to show you the song.

Anyway, I put it as an attachment text file.

I hope it helps.
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