Hi guys.
I am now too old to keep lugging my Hot Rod Deluxe up and down stairs and am looking for a small solid state stage amp (that can be mic'd up if need be).
I simply need a clean sound that can take my Blues Driver pedal for lead. I have narrowed it down to the new Vox AV30 and the Blackstar ID30.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance
Out of those, I would go with the VOX. It may not take pedals that well, though. You should be able to footswitch a clean and dirty channel.
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Superchamp xd or x3? Hybrid, smaller, light.
Thanks so much for your help guys. However, went to the store to buy an amp and discovered the Gibson Les Paul 50s tribute 2016 at just £749.... there goes the amp. Looks like I'll still be hauling my HRD.

Many Thanks
I'm just starting out and was looking at the Vox AV30 too. The adviser from Sweeteater recommended it. I was also looking at the Orange Crush 35rt, Mustang III, and Blackstar ID30TVP. The Orange Crush 35rt is a little less expensive, but totally without modeling. I figure I can get the Orange amp and a delay pedal for about the same price as the modeling amps. That would get me started on the pedals I'll need to transition to a tube amp one day. I'm going to mainly play blues and rock on my own (very little metal, if any), but will also play in church (where clean tones will be required). Any input from some more experienced players would be great. Thanks!
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To ridiculouswonk....I have several modelling amps. One is the VOX VT30 which is fine for bedroom /home stuff and has some Amp models on it I do like but I really have change the settings on most of the controls to get a nice clean sound and the effects are really nothing special. I do like it more than some of the their later stuff (way better than the VT+ IMO).
I have two Blackstar ID TVPs and an ID Core. The Core is a toy as far as I'm concerned and I'm selling it. The stereo was neat but the distorted tones and lack of accessible Tone controls without a PC ending up frustrating the hell out of me.
I have an HD500 as well and powered studio monitors to play it on but it limits me to the computer room so I don't use it often, though it can be made to sound quite good with some tweaking and para EQ filtering on the sims.
Now the TVP series on the other hand... well I've learned not to think of it as a modelling amp.
It simply doesn't behave like one. Good modelling amps have the same sound at low volume as they do at high volume so you can set up a ton of stuff and simply make it louder or softer as required with out any tweaking. Many won't need any pedals either. But the TVP behaves like a tube amp in so many ways. The input is extremely touch sensitive, the tone controls and TVP settings come alive as you crank the amp. So settings at bedroom levels change significantly as you crank the amp! The effects that are there can be tweaked better by PC and saved as presets that you can then turn on/off as required. They sound much better than VOX's effects but the types are more limited (reverbs, modulation and delays - no pitch shifting).
What's worked for me is while I love the amps (TVP15 & TVP60) I wasn't a fan of Blackstars distortion voice, so I bought a Wampler Sovereign pedal and kick it in for OD/Distortion. As I mentioned earlier, the amp behaves like a tube amp & it takes this pedal as good as any tube amp would. I can not only use the distortion but boost the volume on the pedal and the Blackstar doesn't get any digital clipping happening. I can get feedback and the guitar cleans up as I roll back the volume on my guitar!
I think the reason this amp (TVP) hasn't taken off as well as it should is because it sits in a niche by itself. It doesn't behave or function like a good quality modelling amp does and so doesn't appeal to those who want the functionality that the LINE 6, Fractal crowds go for and while it behaves like a programmable tube amp it doesn't use tubes so the tube crowd (who are basically pretty closed minded by choice) shun it as well.
Sad because I've got a 60W amp that weighs a fraction of what a tube amp does, will never need expensive tubes, can be programmed more than a tube amp, has more decent effects than a traditional tube amp, emulates many tube amps and all I needed was an additional pedal to get my voice from it. I have no need or desire to go back to tubes.
Moving on.....
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