Hello everyone! My name is Benjamin and I'm 17 (18 in May). I've been playing guitar somewhat seriously for around 1.5 years or so. I learned everything I know from various online tutorials and tabs. I'd say my level is intermediate now; I can play most songs outside of really fast solos.

Now for the question I need help with! I'm starting college next semester and was hoping to be able to join my university's pep band that plays at sporting events like basketball and volleyball games. I need to do an audition and one thing the director wants is for me to be able to play along with the school's fight song. For whatever reason, there are no guitar or bass notes/chords so I'm not sure what I should play. Would anyone be willing to help me figure out what I can play along with the song? Below is the sheet music for the tuba and trumpets (the director told me to look at the tuba sheet but I didn't know what to look for).



Let me know if you can help me out, anything would be really appreciated.


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You need to learn how to read music. Unfortunately there's no real way around this unless you intend to have someone tell you what to play for each song. I imagine you'll be faced with this challenge again on other songs the band will play so if I were you I'd start learning how to read music asap.
Thanks for the help! I've played piano all my life pretty much so I know how to read the music, it's just the transcribing to guitar part that I have trouble with. I'll try that software out.