Finally got the upgrade for UG! Having fun so far with Table Pro and the other features. Only thing I'd like to know is if the way it plays is tuned to the tuning of the song, or did they just adapt the song to play in standard tuning? If I want to play Avenged 7X with Tab Pro do I tune to their tuning or play the way they show me in standard tuning?
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Well, first, you listen to the sound the 0 fret makes on the lowest string (that one's called the low E string).

Then you use your ear to make sure that your guitar is tuned to that one. Given that it's A7x, you're most likely looking at a drop down tuning. E.g. whatever that open bottom string sounds like, tune to that, and then finger the 7th fret of that and tune the next string (usually called the A) to that sound.

Then 5th fret that next 'A' sstring to tune the next string.

Then 5th fret that string to tune to that sound of the next string.

HERE'S WHERE IT GETS CRAZY. Fret only the 4th fret of that one to tune the second-last string.

Then, 5th fret that second last string to tune the last string.

It's possible that A7x decided to go old-school and tune """standard""". If so, that means you use the same method, but use the 5th fret of the first string after tuning to 0, (so, the 5th fret, not the 7th fret).

Also, A7x is butt metal
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