Long story but I have a Parker PDF100 and the bridge pickup works perfectly when the coil split is on, but when you put the pups back to normal the output of the pickup goes really quiet. Like I had to have my amp on quite loud before I got anything out of the pickup, and it was still much quieter then the neck pickup or the bridge pickup if I put the coil split on.

Is this a wiring issue or something? The guitar is gone tomorrow, so its more curiosity at this point, but I'd still like to know

Let me know if there is anything else you guys need to know, or If I wasn't clear enough. Thanks
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I would meter (ohms and continuity) the individual coils (North South) and go from there.
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Check all your connections. When you get out of split mode you go through both coils in series so it looks like you ether have a bad connection from the other coil or a open coil on the other coil. Check all your connections make sure you have nice solder joints on them. if they are all good then you most likely have a dead coil.
Sounds like the red or the white wire came loose. Assuming the Seymour Duncan style color scheme.