So I'm in highschool now and have am going to take guitar classes next grade. I have a somewhat amateur- novice knowledge at guitar. I know how to pick, memorized over twenty chords (including power chords), alternate pick, tremolo pick, vibrato, little bit of two hand tap (or shred), and play some songs (Muse- knights of cydonia, Aerosmith- walk this way, joan jett- love rock n roll). The highschool offers acoustic guitars but personally, I don't like them. Just personal preference. Should I bring my electric? I'll admit that I suck. Is it worth the time and extra practice? And extra creds?

I also play rocksmith (if that even point out anything)
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You should learn acoustic because all guitarists know how to play an acoustic. In this day in age, it is cool to play one.
It is douchey NOT to take a guitar class if you don't know how to play much. They'll teach you scales and theory, which is all you need to know in general to figure out any chord or improvise to any progression. It deeply distresses/bores me when someone asks to jam and then plays "riptide" or "I'm yours" over and over again because they only know how to play "those four chords" in "that order." They give guitarists a bad name.
If you want to become a great, original musician and not just every other fedora-wearing poser, then you ought to learn the rudimentary teachings of the guitar (scales and theory, notation [though I don't personally think notation matters as much as the former two]). Either take the class or learn to do everything by ear (which I can respect, but it's much harder to play WITH other people unless you're accompanying them; believe it or not, most people can't hear the difference between a G and a Gb)
Even the masters are still learning. I don't think taking a guitar class would make you look foolish. It would probably be beneficial in the long run. You should definitely go for it!
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