So, i've been playing for a couple years now, and for the last couple months I have been winding my strings so the stings wraps around the tuning peg around 4 to 5 times, but also the last two months I have been playing a little bit more solo stuff, as well as experimenting with setups, My strings used to last anywhere from a moth to 2 months, now they last at most a month. So im asking would my new way of winding cause strings to break faster, or am I just putting more wear on my higher strings? Thanks!!
Depends on where the strings are breaking.

I wouldn't really have that number of wraps around the string either. It's just going to take you more time to stretch the strings in.
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If you are breaking strings that quickly, you are either playing extremely hard and or abusing them...or you have a bind in either the bridge or nut.

I have had a set of elixer 9s on my Epiphone Dot for nearly 3 years and i play it almost daily.

But yea that many wraps around the peg is not only bad for stability/string break in its also harder on your machine heads themselves.

Either way there is definitely something wrong.
For E A and D strings i go with two wraps round the post.For the rest maybe 4 or 5.You should make sure your guitar is properly set up too.