I'm curious if anyone has ever experimented with this tuning? I just tried it out recently considering I don't typically play a lot of heavy stuff and it's pretty nice. Having that extra high string makes chords where you hit all the strings sound extra clean, and it's pretty cool for soloing as well.
Yeah D at the top, It's just a step below the High E. I reckon the tuning isn't quite as useful as standard tuning is for a 7 string but i still think it's fun to mess with.
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D at the top? Would that be a step below or a 7th above the "high" E? Or did you mean A? Either way, I'm not sure where you'd get a string that can tune much above the standard high E.

Obviously you wouldn't tune up to a D5 note at the top. As far as high A4 strings, a number of companies sell singles all the way down to 5s, so it's completely doable.
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