So ive been looking around for some sort of cheap gadget that would let me send BOTH my guitar signal and a signal from my tablet so that i can play along to it. Just using headphones for the song doesnt work as its not loud enough. Does anyone have any ideas as to where i might find something like that? thanks
You would need to use a clean channel and effects processor for your guitar tone and run your guitar and tablet through an aby. Or get an interface of some kind and run your guitar into the tablet which is probably what will suit you best.
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No Aux input? Most amps/pas have an input for that. But other than that, small, cheap mixer is your best bet
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that route box sounds good, just a bit expensive. the reason im looking for something like this is portability, as the amp in question is about as big as my hand. i was looking to spend around a fiver, but if not id save up for a vox headphone amp thingy
get a small practice amp with an aux in and headphone out - Micro Cube, Yamaha Thr etc.