Hi guyz,

Pardon for my English.. i knew it sux.

Anyway, an old man here who had stop playing the axe for abt 10yrs now.
Evrythings rusty including the way i played now
been playing rock, classic.rock, slow rock.and heavy metal .
Decided to get a new custom order Stratocaster shape guitar.

Need help from u guyz now to recommend me the items brands, models , ideas, suggestion to built one.

1a) pickups, intended Dimarzio H-S-H
For the bridge, Humbuckin-my solo pickup. Need a sambora or matthias jabbs sound which is sensitive to harmonics , screaming, and high treble?.
b)centre Single pickup- need a very clean, crystal clear sound, for my slow rock plucking .?
c)neck-humbicking pickup. Need that tight and heavy rhythm sounded like the iron maiden and Metallica sound.?
Pls tell me the Dimarzio models u recommended..
And I do need an additional piezo picku for my acoustc songs. Pls.tell.me.the model for this.

Machine head, need those thats does not get strings detune easily?

Tremolo? I played lots of it.. what is good out ther?,

What wood is good for my neck, fingerboard, body if im.playing mostly rock and heavy metal. Need that heavy sound, but also clear and sustain..

I hope thats not too much to ask..
Thnx in advance uall...
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Any suggestion of other brands pickup will be considered to, as long as its H-S-H.

Advance thnx
Want the Maiden sound ? go for the Dave Murray Stratocaster

It has three Seymour Duncan® humbucking pickups