Hey dudes

Its been a very long time since I've been in here, so long that I've forgotten my original Email address and password... ah well

Ok straight to the point, I have 3 websites here that I need to get some comments on, I need to just get some first impressions of them and what else could help improve them.




Its for my dissertation so there are no right or wrong answers, I just want to know if you think either of them look s**t and why

Remember its not about the bands music, its about the website and what you first think when you have spend a couple of seconds on each page.

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I definitely liked the minimalism of the first one the most (and fast loading time ). Only problems were it not being 'personable' enough with the band, and the heading.

The third page's heading/hyperlinks/etc. was the best, but didn't care too much for the second two sites' front pages (too much going on, and they personally seem outdated to me ).

I think if you took the front page of the first one, put the third site's heading/etc stuff onto that one, and moved the Contact part off the front page to the About Me section or something, you'd have something pretty sweet IMO
I like the second one the best. It looks the most professional.

the first one doesn't have enough features, it looks dull. The last one is nice, but it looks too personal. I'd just fix the colors and add more features at the TOP of the page, so it's more user friendly.
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Not sure what standard you have in mind. If we're going with full professional standards, none of these hit the bar.

I'm assuming the Wix domains are temporary. Layout of the 2nd one is probably the "cleanest" but the designs and graphics are very drab and very apparently amateur.

Not really clear what this is for, but you may want to consider hiring an actual web designer to do a proper job.

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Hey, Thanks for the responses so far, maybe I should elaborate on why I need this a bit more

as part of my dissertation I'm exploring free webdesign options for amateur bands. I've already narrowed it down to WIX being the better/most customisable tool for people who don't know how to code and its just down to the design.

both the wix ones are based on musician websites (I wont say who as it might sway peoples opinions) and the wordpress one is there as a control.

But thanks for the responses so far but if people can still keep on giving their opinions (as the internet loves to do) that would be awesome

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The concept of self-fulfilling prophecies never seem to occur to the ones that always create them.

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